LaShawntelle Carson-Pops had a vision for REVIVE M.O., Inc. in 2015, after experiencing traumatic events that influenced her to attempt suicide. September 2016, during her fall semester of college, she gained a deep passion for mental health and self-care. During that same year, Carson-Pops made a decision to educate her self and the public about different topics related to mental health. REVIVE started off as a research project that focused specifically on spirituality and black mental health. The purpose of the project was not only to inform her student body but also to heal those students that were hurting and having a difficult time in their lives.

Moving forward, Carson-Pops decided to take her research project to the next level by planning and coordinating her first suicide awareness event. Because the event touched MANY students, Carson-Pops took educating the public even further-this time, by planning and coordinating a week of events that eventually led to REVIVE's official founding day. October 3, 2016, REVIVE was recognized by Grand Valley State University as an official organization. Today, REVIVE is known as REVIVE Mental Health Organization Incorporated  (REVIVE M.O, Inc).

Over the last 3 years REVIVE M.O, Inc, created a safe space for individuals to express themselves, share their testimonials, and to get educated about taboo topics that are often uncomfortable to discuss and cope with. Many of us are battling with mental health issues and what's even worse is, we are fighting alone and in silence. Through events, programs, meetings, partnerships, and service opportunities, REVIVE M.O, Inc continues to break the stigma surrounding mental health conditions and to support individuals who are struggling with mental illnesses.

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